My World and Welcome To It! 
I borrowed this from one of my favorite writers, James Thurber.  The world of real estate has been on fire of late with raging appreciation (by statistical standards) and untold numbers of buyers getting frustrated over not getting an offer accepted. But I still love the industry.  My German immigrant grandparents were Realtors in Central Ohio, where I grew up.   Real Estate is in my blood.   
Fast forward to right here, right now.  I am a 37-year industry veteran living in the Puget Sound area who has done most everything you can do in residential lending.  I have managed thousands of transactions over the years.  I wrote a column on real estate in the Tacoma News Tribune for seven years and have produced and hosted award-winning Real Estate Radio. a live, call in radio show for 14 years . I owned and operated my mortgage brokerage, Loantek Home Loans from1990 until 2009. I continue to be active in the industry.  Housing will continue to be in the forefront of the American economy.  I will be part of it.
In my spare time, I enjoy photography, riding my bike and taking in everything there is to do in the Pacific Northwest. Spending time with friends and family is always a joy.
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Creating clarity in the complex world of residential real estate and real estate finance. Written by Craig Goebbel.

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