My World and Welcome To It! 
I borrowed this from one of my favorite writers, James Thurber.  The world of real estate has been topsy-turvy of late with raging appreciation (by statistical standards) and untold numbers of buyers getting frustrated over not getting an offer accepted. But I still love the industry.  My German immigrant grandparents were Realtors in Central Ohio, where I grew up.   Real Estate is in my blood.   
Fast forward to right here, right now.  I am a 34-year industry veteran living in the Puget Sound area who has done most everything you can do in residential lending.  I have managed thousands of transactions over the years.  I wrote a column on real estate in the Tacoma News Tribune for seven years and have been producing and hosting award-winning Real Estate Radio since 2000. I owned and operated my mortgage brokerage, Loantek Home Loans from1990 until 2009. I continue to be active in the industry.  Housing will continue to be in the forefront of the American economy.  I will be part of it.
In my spare time, I enjoy photography, learning to sail, riding my bike and taking in everything there is to do in the Pacific Northwest. Spending time with friends and family is always a joy.

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Creating clarity in the complex world of residential real estate and real estate finance. Written by Craig Goebbel.

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