My World and Welcome to it!

Pardon my borrowing a line from a James Thurber short story.  My first post went up today and it occurred to me I should tell you what I will be writing about.  I will be focused almost exclusively on residential real estate, mortgage lending and the real estate industry in general.  Occasionally, I will comment on the topical or political since I won’t be able to stop myself.  I will bring passion and common sense with a sense of humor to this blog. 

Please feel free to comment and take me to task. If we all agree I will die of boredom.  Not!  If you don’t shake it up, I will.   Last, if you really want to take me to task call me when I am on my radio show, I co-host and produce a live, weekly radio show on KKOL 1300 am in Seattle every Saturday morning at 9:00 am.

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