Clouds On The Horizon?

The Mortgage Industry Is struggling; National Mortgage News reported today profitability of the industry for Q4 2013 was down 7% from a year ago. Increased competition, as well as increased compliance costs were the big reasons for the large drop in profit per loan originated in the fourth quarter. The average profit of $150 per loan is the lowest since the Mortgage Bankers Association started keeping track in 2008. The MBA reports the average is down from $743 in the third quarter and $2,256 in the fourth quarter of 2012. This is a drastic decline by anyone’s measure.

What does this mean for you? At the moment, no real impact. You can expect major cost cutting from all lenders, re; layoffs and office closures.  In the future, fewer choices as company’s disappear or consolidate could put pressure on rates, regardless of easing or the economy.

Home Sales Continue To Slide; NAR reported pending home sales were down 0.8% as expected. This is the lowest level of pending sales since Oct 2008. Pending sales have been declining for 8 consecutive months. Many believe this national trend was magnified by the harsh winter. I think this is so. However, residential real estate is local and national trends don’t mean a thing in your local market.

What do you do if you are on the fence about whether to list, buy, remodel, expand or do nothing? Consult your local real estate professional. If they are pro’s they will know what is going on n your local market and can give great advice you can trust.

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